Learn to ask more questions in Yoga

Have you ever walked out of a Yoga class feeling even more confused or overwhelmed than before? Ever wondered if anybody else also doesn’t really know exactly what they are doing?

In today’s Emme Factor Live we take a closer look at how the attitude of being a LEARNER can transform your Yoga practice and why it is so important to start asking more & better questions. It will bring light to your practice so you get clarity and more direction on the path of your Yoga journey.

Welcome to the Emme Factor, my space where the Art of Movement meets Wisdom of the Heart. My name is Emme and I am a yoga teacher of 27 years. I offer live online yoga teachings and inspirations for the interested Yogini who wants to take their yoga practice to the next level.

My mission this year is to help you learn to look at Yoga from a different angle other than simply exercises on a mat. I want to invite you to join me for my live teachings and come on a journey with me where we will start asking better questions that will help provide the clarity and passion to create a life of joy, contentment, peace, balance, and grace through Yoga.