One-on-one coaching

Why private instruction?

Many people believe it is enough to go to the gym or a studio and participate in group classes to stay fit and healthy. They hope that merely participating in group classes or home videos will get them the desired changes they are looking for, mostly because it seems like everybody does it that way.

This is especially true for yoga classes, which are offered in — sometimes large — groups and all-level classes. These provide the benefit of social engagement and convenient scheduling.

But how much progress can be expected in a setting that leaves out any on-going assessment of your current state, personal history, injuries, capabilities, learning preferences, and long term goals?

For most, group classes fail to provide the consistent improvement necessary to achieve sustainable change. We are motivated and excited for the first thirty days, and then more often than not, this excitement fades due to a lack of progress.
This phenomenon leads to ‘yoga dabbling‘ or ‘on-and-off yoga‘ with minimal lasting results.

A better option is private coaching.

Who benefits from private coaching? 

For those who recognize that real change requires personal investment, guidance, feedback, and a customized learning experience, private sessions are an optimal option. 

I’d like you to know that I find it impossible to use words to describe the transformative power of this work fully.

Words can only go so far these days – the Internet has injected much skepticism into our world, with many people feeling like they’ve heard it all before. The downside of our information-driven culture is that there’s just too much of it for anyone to process. There are millions of coaches, trainers, teachers, and therapists of all kinds saying basically the same things. So, as humans with limited time and attention, we filter out anything that sounds like something we’ve heard before.

The following pages are about the topics my clients need help with.

And it is indeed necessary, but it’s only going to matter to you if you already have a feeling about working with me — either from a referral from a friend or from connecting with me on social media or reading my client success stories. My clients’ and students’ stories say more than I ever could about the efficacy of the healing power that I have been honored to bring to the world. Invariably, those who show up ready for a significant, positive change in their lives can experience the magic as it happens.

Reaching specific goals with maximum focus quickly and with privacy becomes possible.  Expert aid in setting and modifying goals appropriately is an essential part of the process.

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements:

  • “I want to learn Yoga but feel intimidated and out of place in a yoga class.”
  • “I suffer from stress-related symptoms, depression, anxiety, or sleep issues.”
  • “I go to the gym/yoga class and keep trying to work out, but there is always something that hurts, and I am not getting anywhere.”
  • “I would like a personalized movement practice that takes into account my physical issues and limitations.”
  • “I go to yoga classes, but I don’t feel I know what I am doing. There is no opportunity for me to ask personal questions to truly understand.”
  • “I want more meaning/energy/ joy in my life, which I seem to have lost.”
  • “I feel secretly insecure and would love to get true confidence so I can live more authentically not having to worry what others are thinking or expecting of me.”
  • “I feel stuck in major areas of my life and need guidance and clarity.”
  • “I want to improve my Golf game/running times/get flexible/strengthen my core, but all my efforts do not add up to any significant improvements. I keep trying out different things. There has to be a better way.”

You will experience the enormous difference private instruction and customized training has on your progress toward your goals. Individualized training which would take years to learn in a group setting are accelerated to a few months.

The most important part of coaching: YOU

Coaching sessions are not a one-way street, and your active participation, commitment, and determination are crucial.

I believe there is a fair amount of hesitation why people do not employ private coaching more when it comes to learning Yoga and improving their health and wellbeing. And that hesitation is centered around the fear of not being ready or willing to do the work or not trusting yourself enough that you will actually follow through. You don’t want to feel embarrassed when things are difficult initially or to invest money and time, knowing that you might not do the work necessary to make the changes you desire.

That’s why many people instead opt to hide in the back of a group yoga class. It seems safe there, not too much expected (other than showing up); however, there is only minimal benefit from this approach. Investing in yourself and committing to practice no matter what with the help of an expert can seem scary when looking from the outside. It takes courage.

Anyone who has received coaching knows the importance of deciding to not let fear keep you from making real change in your life

If you summon up enough courage to take the leap and employ a coach, you will find that you are not alone in this, and that I am right by your side. That is the magic of personal coaching.

How does it work?

1. Identifying your primary challenge

The private work begins with identifying your primary challenge and evaluating the current state. Whatever the challenge — physical, emotional, or mental — we start by assessing and understanding where we are now. Without an assessment of where you are at this moment in time, we are ‘training in the dark,’ which is not a good setup for success.

2. Assessing your current state

This initial assessment will take about 90min, and you will receive a detailed written evaluation. It will serve as a foundation for creating a path to move in a new direction, and we will frequently refer back to this evaluation and recognize our progress.

3. Teaching and training sessions

My almost three decades of experience allow me to determine what kind of practice will benefit you most. And I will teach, train and offer techniques and exercises for you to learn and practice together with me and on your own. 

All sessions are 60-75 min long available in person or online. They are divided into teaching and training sessions and can be recorded and shared with you for your convenience. You will receive images and videos of exercises for training at home. 

4. Regular reassessment & training

Additional support material and regular assessments will accompany our work and detail your progress, so we never have to guess where we are on our path. Our work is a process, which is the main reason why a 12 week program yields the best results within realistic expectations. There are no quick fixes.

15 min Free Phone Consultation

Schedule a quick phone/facetime conversation with me to get some direction and guidance for your personal situation.

One-on-One Philosophy

The main reason why people want to practice yoga is to feel better. 

Any regular yoga practice can give you the temporary feeling-better-buzz that many people experience after a yoga class. Deep breathing, slowing down, moving your entire body, becoming quiet, and relaxing at the end of each class in itself will make us feel better.

However, this ‘feel-good-yoga-practice’ gives us only temporary relief from our issues or pain. 

It does not promote changes in a lasting way (Remember, the ‘yoga-dabbling’ from above?)

Anyone who has ever studied the human body, mind, and spirit will appreciate that we are looking at a complex system with many sub-systems. They integrate with extreme complexity. There is no one-size-fits-all, no all levels class that serves any participant fully. 

The solution requires a matching complexity. 

If you want to:

  • have a pain free back,
  • play better Golf,
  • move with ease, balance, and strength, 
  • be more energetic and confident, 
  • worry less and trust more, 
  • improve your posture/sleep/attitude, etc.
  • change your habits,
  • learn to relax or be patient, loving and kind, or live authentically. 

You have to learn what applies to your unique situation, which keeps changing. For that, you need to practice with awareness. In my experience, without awareness, we practice in the dark

I can help make sense of the complexity by lighting a path for you to become aware. Especially in areas where you have blind spots or no clarity, I can empower you with techniques and practices. From there, it is in your power to learn and grow. My role is to help you find the answers within.

Pricing - Single Services

Single Private Session

stand alone
$ 190 per single session
  • 60-75 min session
  • In-person/remotely
  • Private training session or consultation

Assessment & Evaluation

included in all packages
$ 290 one time fee
  • Initial assessment + evaluation
  • 90-120 min in-person/remotely
  • Detailed written report
  • Individual programming/training

Pricing - Monthly Packages


ONCE a week for 4 weeks
$ 600 paid monthly
  • Complete initial assessment + evaluation - Value of $290
  • 4 (four) 60-75 min sessions - $150 per session
  • In-person/remotely
  • Videos + other media for home training
  • Exercises + techniques customized to your needs
20% discount


TWICE a week for 4 weeks
$ 1040 paid monthly
  • Complete initial assessment + evaluation*
  • 8 (eight) 60-75 min sessions - $130 per session
  • In-person/remotely
  • Videos + other media for home training
  • Exercises + techniques customized to your needs
best price


There are many reasons why I offer my one-on-one coaching as a mandatory 12-weeks program. The main reasons are to establish realistic expectations and ensure the best possible path to progress and ultimately success. True change on a physiological level takes longer than 4 weeks. One-on-one Coaching for 12 weeks is my most personal commitment of service to you and it allows for lasting changes to take place. My mission is for you to learn things you will be able to practice and implement in your life without me. My foremost intention of our work together is to ‘teach you how to fish’ and not ‘give you a fish to eat’. I do offer other options like my online video membership with less financial investment, less commitment, and less expected outcomes. Feel free to contact me if you need help deciding what would be best for you.

Yes, you will receive a program designed to address your needs and goals. These will be determined in our initial evaluation and assessment session. Videos and other media will be provided for you to practice at home and it is mutually agreed that you practice your homework until next session.

This depends mostly on your level of availability and willingness to commit yourself. Generally I recommend about 30-60 min per day of training. Practice comprises of attaining to the exercises (physical or mental) in a focused manner with sincere effort.  This can be achieved in form of one training session or in some cases applying lifestyle principles (e.g. posture adjustments) and exercises all throughout the day.

Generally, yes. Most of my clients have some form of nagging pain or injuries to deal with, which is not surprising over the age of 40. A lot of the work I do is help with therapeutic exercises to improve an individuals condition and help deal with pain. However, the best path if you have a serious injury or condition is to email me under [email protected] and discuss your situation. Any diagnostic results from your doctor (e.g. MRIs, physical therapy notes, detailed history of your condition) are welcomed for me to read to help me understand and evaluate your situation better. In case I feel you need more help than what I can offer, I will let you know immediately. 

Absolutely yes! I am a strong believer in a holistic approach to improving our life. I embrace a system of mind, body and spirit as a union, which is inseparable. That is the essence of Yoga for me. Therefore, my work always contains work on our Self with the intention to shine a light, awaken from the autopilot that directs our life and search for the answers within. I see my role to guide you safely on that journey and provide the space, encouragement and honesty for you to develop into your Highest Self.

Yes. I encourage you to keep a written diary or notes of things you learn, find out about yourself and also things you do not understand. This is an extremely valuable tool for progress and will show you very quickly what you need to focus on. I am here for text or email messaging or reminders or any questions that need to be answered in a reasonable time frame. Expect to develop a close relationship with me, in which you can lean on me for support and guidance as much as you need.

So, if you already have even a small feeling of possibility and wonder — or a big sense of being truly ready, contact me and let’s discuss your story. When we talk, I will make recommendations for your specific situation, but this is a good overview of what I offer and how it may enhance your life.