“Courage, Strength, Hope, and Grace are always possible — at any age.”
“If you practice Yoga without clarity, you will always practice 'in the dark'.”
“Your training needs to be as personal as your fingerprint.”
“Ask yourself 'What is really important?' and then create your life around the answer.”

Yoga for Graceful Aging

Inspiration, training and practices for an ageless lifestyle of radiance, meaning and joy.

Aging does not have to be dreadful. We all have to deal with the changes aging brings, but we can still thrive and learn to enjoy life. My mission is to show you how.

Come with me on a journey to yourself by looking inward, letting go of habits and patterns that don’t serve you anymore, and finding the spark to new joy for life.

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Emme at fence

Once in a while, if we’re really lucky, we meet someone who can help us change our life for the better. Initially, with no proof, our minds may fight against this intuition… But this feeling of possibility, often accompanied by a nudge from a quiet inner voice (yes, the one that always tells us the truth), gives us pause. The decision to explore this further could be one of the most important we ever make.

Emme is that person…

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