Kat, 56

IT Sales Executive, Former Tennis Pro & Current Cyclist

I wish I had met her earlier, especially when I was training to become a professional tennis player many years ago.

I have met Emme by coincident few months ago. I was cycling and got approached by her husband, a fellow cyclist, asking me if I would be willing to assist his wife, Emme, in selecting a new road bike. I said sure, I love cycling and sharing my knowledge about bikes and equipment.

At my first meeting with Emme I was delighted to find out that she was a personal trainer, coach and a yoga teacher. As with many things in life, this was great timing for me.

Since more than three years I have been looking for someone to assist me with my posture and my increasing lack of mobility. 

I love cycling and spend a lot of my time each week on daily training rides and long weekend rides. Countless hours on the bike in the hunched up cycling position as well as my seated daily position on the computer have resulted in a hunched up back and spine which has started to bother me more and more. 

From our first class on, I realized that Emme is going to help me in various ways well beyond my posture: from breathing over stretching, strength and mobility, to relaxation and mindfulness.

I expected I was going to use various muscles, especially the ones I barely use, but I was pleasantly surprised how very specific Emme’s knowledge and approach is for seemingly every muscle in my body.

She teaches proper technique in every exercise. Some which look extremely simple, will end up becoming very difficult to perform, once you finally learn to execute them in a correct way.

I must admit I have not been training on this level of precision and intensity.

That is the biggest difference between having a professional — like Emme — work with you and going to any kind of group fitness classes. With Emme, you will get 100% effectiveness from each session.

She customizes my training program and works on my weaknesses instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

And what I also found extremely helpful is, that Emme is recording my exercises on video, so I can see what I need to work on. As a former professional athlete I have experience seeing my own Tennis training on tape in my earlier years.

But having Emme video record my exercises and demonstrate key findings and discuss them with me on a big screen TV is taking our workouts to another level.

I really value Emme’s knowledge, intensity, dedication and energy she brings to each class. I am certain that our continued training will make me better all around.

Lastly, I love the mind, body, spirit approach, she brings to every session. Learning to become aware what I am doing and why helps me to make better choices and brings me the balance I was looking for.

I wish I had met her earlier, and especially when I trained to become a professional tennis player many years ago. She would have been a tremendous asset at that point in my athletic career.

I highly recommend Emme, if you would like to enhance your life, not only with yoga, but overall wellbeing.

She will challenge you to step up. But you will receive excellence in return and will not regret it.


Darlene, 62

Corporate Executive (ret.), Life coach & Author

Her focus on the integrity of the asana aligned with your body type is a model not found in many studios.

Intellectually, I always knew that yoga is more than just exercise, but I didn’t experience it as mind, body & spirit balancing until I began practicing with Emme.
Our paths have crossed 6 years ago when I started working with her in private sessions in addition to the group classes I attended in her studio.

With her I learned to reach for what the asana was asking of me, right where I was in my life in that moment.

Her focus on the integrity of the asana aligned with your body type is a model not found in many studios.  
I have learned the importance of going the extra mile to learn to practice Yoga and especially the Asanas in a way that supports your individual and personal body type, history and needs. Without it we are losing a large part of the magic of Yoga. 

Through practicing yoga in this deep manner, I was able to release both stress and emotional blockages after going through a traumatic life experience.  

Recently, when I felt that my yoga practice had plateaued, I reconnected with Emme and she introduced strength training for Yoga to me.  
Again she pinpointed what I needed with clarity and precision and we immediately went to work to create a special program for my needs. I love that I can always rely on her to challenge me and teach me new ways to grow.

Not only was I able to take my practice to the next level, the added strength provides an extra layer of confidence and the ability to be more balanced mentally, physically and spiritually.   


Olaf, 62 and Elisabeth, 60

Entrepreneurs (ret.), Muscle Car Collectors & Grandparents of Eight

I hear Emme’s sweet and encouraging voice in my head every day

My husband, Olaf, and I have been close friends with Emme’s husband for many years. When he introduced us to Emme, we were impressed and immediately taken by her energy, compassion, intelligence and humor and of course her knowledge of the human body!
We met them for dinner one night right after Christmas. We were not sure if we even would be able to make it as my husband had been in terrible pain for several months.

He could barely walk, sitting was almost impossible, and moving was extremely painful for him.

Several of his discs were bulging in his entire lumbar spine and he had mild foraminal stenosis.  He had seen a Physical Therapist for a while, who helped him somehow barely function.  Additionally, he was taking a muscle relaxer to be able to move around a little bit.  BUT, he needed more help! 
During our dinner, Emme noticed of course right away, that my husband was very uncomfortable and in pain, even though he tried to hide it. Emme, with compassion, shared with Olaf and me, that she has worked with several clients in similar condition as my husband’s. She shared their stories with us and explained in detail how she has helped them.

We were so relieved when we came home from dinner that night, feeling there was hope for Olaf to be able to move again, without pain. 

We decided to give it a try and although our primary goal was to get my husband Olaf out of pain, I was delighted when from the first private session on Emme invited me to practice with Olaf.
We learned from Emme how our spine works, proper mechanics, benefits of good posture, the importance of physical fitness and muscle strength. And, to keep moving!  And that a strong core is essential to good health. Who knew, right?!
Emme addressed our pain, she improved our strength and our range of motion. She helped us to function and live better lives. She restored our muscle strength, endurance and improved our flexibility. Emme carefully selected and planned various exercises for us to do. 

She made photos and little videos of all exercises, so we could always remember what to practice on our own.

Emme is gentle and kind.  She is very personable. She genuinely cares for her clients and does not want to see them in pain. She has encouraged us to make lifestyle changes to help us avoid future injury – she promotes overall health and wellness. She even introduced us to green juice, something I have grown to love –  Olaf, not so much. 
I have to say it was HARD work from the very beginning. I mean really hard work! But, it was also done with a lot of laughter. Laughter makes everything feel better. You can just picture two very stiff people, with very limited flexibility, finally being able to do some yoga moves – it really helped to laugh at ourselves a little. 
I hear Emme’s sweet and encouraging voice in my head every day.

It reminds me to walk properly, to hold my head high and to straighten my spine — "lift your light beam" is one of her many signature sayings — I will never forget.

And I am no longer afraid to push my chest up and out. It has not only helped with my rounded posture but also gave me more confidence.
We are both doing our daily yoga exercises and it has kept our backs strong and we are more flexible than ever.  I can even touch my toes, something I have not been able to do since I was a teenager.  We also sit properly and can make our long flights back home to Norway without being in pain. It is priceless.  

Emme is the most enthusiastic person we have ever met! She will teach you so much.

That makes her different from many other yoga instructors. I realize now, if a yoga instructor cannot teach and you do not really learn how and why to do the exercises, the students will never progress from the practice. They will not be able to do the exercises and movements correctly. It will be a waste — of time and money. 
We love you Emme – keep on teaching!


CURT, 52

Entrepreneur, Golfer & Visionary

What are you going to teach me today?

My introduction to Emme came through a Golf friend of mine. While were having a conversation on the driving range one day, he told me about this lady with whom he was training. He went on and emphasized that she was “much more than a Yogi”. He said she could help me with getting in better physical condition and that she could also help with the mental aspects of the game.

I had just turned 52 and felt like I could benefit from greater flexibility in my golf game so he had me at “better shape” but I was really intrigued by the “much more than a Yogi” comment so I called Emme and set up an introductory appointment.

Performing "Download Dog" asana

Early in the first session I began to get it. She approached her craft with a zeal I had not expected. She was meticulous when it came to body position, form, and posture.

She trained me as if I was an Olympic athlete.

If a pose wasn’t quite right she would either demonstrate what I was doing wrong and hold it until I got it right. Or if we were in the midst of a core excercise and I was doing it sloppily she would jab me in the abdomen and encourage me with the stern reminder, “shorten your core!”, one of her many signature expressions, you will come to enjoy when working with her.

I was unsuspecting of the intensity but loved it. Her discipline and passion for improving people’s lives was immediately apparent and extremely motivating. At the end of the first session I couldn’t wait to go back.

Initial workouts were broken into warm-up, stretching, strength training, and meditation. This may sound like other popular fitness routines but I promise they were not. Within three months of twice weekly sessions, my flexibility improved tremendously and my core strengthened to a level I had never experienced in my life. As time continued, workouts became tailored to current needs but were as effectual as earlier sessions.

The breadth and depth of her knowledge seems limitless. I literally learn something new during every session.

The physical improvements have been great but the educational components may even outweigh them. At first they were a nice bonus but I’ve grown to truly appreciate and look forward to them. We have a running joke at the beginning of our sessions where I ask “What are you going to teach me today?” Amazingly she always comes up with something new.

Emme’s mission in life is to help people. She wants them to be better whether it be physical, intellectual, or emotional. She wants their lives to improve and will do everything in her power to make that happen. She has a vast skill set that can address most needs. If faced with a situation where’s she is not equipped, she will likely educate herself so that she can respond effectively or refer someone else who can. I don’t like the term “life coach” but she is more than just a coach or a trainer. She is an advocate, a motivator, and a confidence builder. I highly encourage you to work with her. She will enrich your life.


Meechka, 28

Office Manager, Pro Athlete & Yoga Lover

The work with Emme is an experience rather than a session

I came to Emme with a goal to become more flexible and mobile as an athlete, but I received so much more than that.

Growing up I have been in athletics my whole life and as I got older, I realized I wanted to continue being an athlete. I picked up a passion for strength training. This turned into a passion for bodybuilding. After a couple of years of intense working out, I really felt a toll taken on my body. It felt as if I was tearing it down rather than building it up. I felt tight, and knew that something was missing.

I met Emme years ago when she was teaching yoga at her studio and thought about doing yoga as a way to balance my activity. Little did I know that my “yoga” practice would turn into a physical and spiritual transformation.

Emme takes the time, care and passion to teach you every single movement in her classes. 

It’s rare to meet someone who is emerged in their craft like she is.

She doesn’t only teach yoga. She lives a yoga lifestyle and exemplifies that on a daily basis for her students. She is an expert who shares her knowledge and opens her heart so that you can learn and understand yoga.

The work with her is an “experience” rather than a “session”.  She pours everything into you to ensure you understand the essence of what you’re doing. It’s not just going through the motions. It’s learning the essence of yoga as well as your own physical body.

Emme’s teachings have transformed my perspective of my own body awareness. I use her teachings on my yoga mat, in the gym and in my daily life.

Little did I know that her teachings would also enhance my perspective of life by living through gratitude. She inspired me to use yoga as a way of life.

Her teachings have contributed to the success I’ve had in bodybuilding and much more. Today I am proud to compete on the highest level as a professional.

I’m thankful for Emme and I think anyone who has the chance to experience her as their teacher will see how valuable and life changing the work with her is. I look forward to continuing my journey!


Gregory, 58

Engineer, Philosopher & Buddhist


After a lifetime of walking with a severe slump, looking down at the ground due to depression I decided to find someone who could help me with my posture. Since I knew that anyone less than expert in anatomy and physiology can easily worsen matters I scrutinized Emme’s qualifications on the internet and was pleased with her formal education in Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. When I saw on her website a picture of her joyously interacting with her dogs I decided that she was likely also a genuine, caring person.

Being intimidated by the idea of a yoga studio full of flexible athletic people I decided not to go until I could at least touch my toes. I had not been able to touch my toes even as a child.

A year or so passed and I realized that at this rate I would never be able to touch my toes, so I went ahead and attended a Posture Focus session where I discovered that there are blocks for people to use who cannot touch their toes and that regardless of physical condition, weight or disability there are always modifications which a knowledgable teacher will introduce when needed.

For 30 years I had been suffering from five spinal compression fractures from a serious motorcycle accident and was on a merry-go-round of NSAIDs, hydrocodone and cervical epidurals.

After two years of yoga and an immersion class my back and neck pain were 95% gone and I didn’t need further treatment or my chiropractor anymore.

I have other medical issues which I am also addressing, with a much better attitude.

On top of that I have learned how to be aware of my body and mind and to discipline and control them, which has put an end to me careening through life like an unguided missile.

I know how to train myself because Emme didn’t just show me how to do something or tell me what to do — she always made sure that I understood exactly why we were doing it and how it worked. I can even jump rope now, something else I couldn’t do even in childhood!


Kimberly, 55

Pediatric Doctor, Cyclist & Yoga Lover

Emme has helped me confirm the truth of the link between the body mind and spirit.

My path to Emme Yoga gave credence to one of my personal affirmations, “The right circumstances and the right people are already here and will show up on time”.

  After some personal struggles, it had come to a point where it was crucial that I make some changes in regards to my health, career and personal relationships. 

For most of my life, one of my realities was, if I was not in a good place with my physical body other areas of my life would seem to get out of whack.

This often led to me  exposing my body to many extremes with diet and exercise.

It was time to stop this way of thinking. I needed to stop punishing myself and become more kind and gentle.    

I had always felt that yoga (the physical practice) would provide me with what was needed.  I attended classes in various settings, i.e. gym, yoga studios.

For the most part, I felt great after a class, but often I would have a nagging feeling that I was not doing the poses correctly and some of the poses were actually causing me pain.

As a result I would leave feeling; uneasy and incompetent and thinking yoga was not for me after all.  I would stop attending the classes.  But something kept pulling me back to try it again.  I am so happy that this desire persisted. 

To my joy and pleasure, I finally took the step to attend a class at Emme’s yoga studio (after lurking on her website for over 2 years).  

I found exactly what I was looking for.  A studio led by an authentic yoga teacher, Emme Baalerud. 

Emme embodies everything yoga.  She not only practices it she lives it.

She knows the inner essence of yoga and has inherited the wisdom of the ancient yoga philosophy.

I cannot say enough about her.  The style of yoga she practices was perfect for me.  She focused on alignment and precision.  Her background in physical therapy and the study of the human body only made her instruction that much more detailed and clear. 

This is exactly what my analytical mind needed and appreciated.  For me, it has been the perfect fit.   

Emme has the ability to sense exactly what an individual needs for their personal growth, physically and spiritually.

In her group classes she has the gift of being able to provide the exact instruction you need to hear (if you are listening) to make an asana available to you. 

But her one-on-one sessions are truly invaluable. In the past two years, I have enjoyed the private work with her, which brought my journey onto a completely different level. The privacy and intense focus on what benefits my situation cannot be achieved in a group setting.

She also introduced me to TRX sports conditioning training specifically to enhance my Asana practice, as well as my cycling and swimming activities.

My physical practice of yoga with Emme has not only provided me with increased flexibility and physical strength, but it has helped me to create change in other aspects of my life.

I have more energy, my meditative practice has grown tremendously and overall my capacity has expanded.  

Emme has helped me confirm the truth of the link between the body mind and spirit.  Equipped with this truth I am eager, grateful and excited to continue on my wonderful path of self-discovery.


Terry, 56

CEO, Golfer & Tennis player


After 2 spinal surgeries and years of excruciating pain, I had just about given up hope. As a former athlete and business man with an active lifestyle, a healthy body is critical for me living a successful life. Having received recommendations from the best experts money can buy, I was admittedly  skeptical that “another trainer/yoga teacher” could contribute anything. I could never been more wrong.

When I met Emme, I was 4 months post my second spinal surgery (laminectomy) within a 30 day time frame. I had just finished my post rehab physical therapy and as an a avid golfer I was looking to re-build my body, especially my core and back muscles.

One-handed Plank

My training sessions with Emme are full of challenging exercises, methods and techniques, which have helped create a new awareness for how to work out correctly and efficiently. She started with a more holistic and therapeutic approach to build up new movement patterns for my whole body.  Her program is entirely personalized to my specific needs, and she adjusts each session to what I need in that moment.  Our weekly sessions progressed from physical therapy to a real sports conditioning training.

After 2 spinal surgeries and years of excruciating pain, I had just about given up hope. As a former athlete and business man with an active lifestyle, a healthy body is critical for me living a successful life. Having received recommendations from the best experts money can buy, I was admittedly  skeptical that “another trainer/yoga teacher” could contribute anything. I could never been more wrong.

When I met Emme, I was 4 months post my second spinal surgery (laminectomy) within a 30 day time frame. I had just finished my post rehab physical therapy and as an a avid golfer I was looking to re-build my body, especially my core and back muscles.

As a former athlete and business man with an active lifestyle, a healthy body is critical for me living a successful life.

The result is that my core and back have never been stronger, I’m more flexible and even walk taller. I have started to play golf again after two years of not being able to enjoy the sport I love the most. We often laugh in class and she has the ability to pick up on how I feel. There are many ways that show how deeply she cares about her clients even beyond the actual training sessions: from checking up on me, to inspirational messages of positivity when I need it, and the fact that I always feel better after every session. I’ll never forget how one time I was complaining that I’d never be able to do a couple of the exercises she was demanding of me but she would not hear it, and with her encouragement I just kept plugging away. Now as I write this, I do those very same exercises with ease.

I have started to play golf again after two years of not being able to enjoy the Sport I love the most.

If you are a guy like me with a physical issue due to injuries or accidents and a skeptic as well, I strongly encourage you to put aside your skepticism and give her a chance. While I do not like to use the word “miracle woman”, she surely feels like one to me.


Vicki, 62

CPA (ret.) & Yoga Lover

You will learn things about Yoga and yourself that you never knew before

For years, I practiced “doing yoga” at home using DVDs.

I always knew that I should have some proper instruction, but couldn’t get up the nerve to go to a studio.

As it happened, I got an email from Emme highlighting that Yoga is so much more than just exercises on the mat. 

Instead of only "doing yoga exercises," the focus would be to ensure that all students find BALANCE to make peace with their Inner Self, a warm home for their spirit and strength for their body.

I decided that this is what I wanted and needed, so I signed up for my first class. The teacher, Emme, is a joy to behold. She is so full of life and loves to share her knowledge and passion for yoga. She believes and lives her life as a Yogini who encompasses the true mind, body and spirit of yoga. I can’t begin to tell you how her teachings have changed me and my life.

Her group classes offer a loving and caring environment where you make new friends and learn as much as you want to take in.

I’ve been with Emme now for several years and I continue to learn and broaden my horizon.

She helped me see what my strengths and weaknesses were and how to best improve myself.

 We found that while I was very flexible, I didn’t have the strength to actually hold myself in the postures. So we started working on strengthening my core, legs, shoulders, and arms. I learned the correct alignment and how to breathe deeply through a pose.

Emme has worked with me after illnesses and recuperating after surgery.

In those rehab phases she focused on teaching me the correct stretching and strengthening that would hasten my recovery.

All of this was done through not only group classes, but more importantly, through one-on-one instruction with Emme.

When she works with you individually, you have the benefit of all of her knowledge and all of her years of learning and teaching. That experience is like no other. She has an extensive background in anatomy, physiology and fitness training which she offers from the truth of her heart, her studies and her personal struggles and insights.

If you think that you would be interested in learning yoga in this unique and passionate way, then take that step forward. I promise you that you will learn things about yoga, and yourself, that you never knew before.


Randy, 63

Air Traffic Controller (ret.), Pilot & Cyclist


My wife, Vicki, started practicing yoga at Emme’s Yoga Studio after doing yoga at home using DVDs. She was extremely happy with the instructor, Emme, and Vicki encouraged me to try one of the classes. 

I had been using yoga DVDs for a couple of years and I felt that they were okay for what I “visioned” yoga practice to be.

My passion is cycling and I didn’t want to dedicate the time for yoga classes.  

In April of that same year, I had an accident on my bike which broke my femur in my hip and required surgery and a couple of months of physical therapy. 

After relearning how to stand, walk and clothe by myself, my wife again suggested that I take some private lessons with Emme to help me continue to heal, strengthen my leg, and work on my balance.

This time I followed her suggestion.

Emme spent most of our first session gathering information about my hip, what the limitations were (from my perspective) and what my goals were for getting back in shape. 

Emme is incredibly knowledgeable about the muscular-skeleton system and uses this knowledge to insure her students have the proper alignments and using the correct muscle(s) to complete and hold a yoga position and build confidence in their abilities.

For the next 5-6  sessions, Emme progressively guided me through the postures and exercises that would build the muscles, nerves, joints and balance that would push me forward in my journey to recovery.

After completing a half dozen private lessons, I could see the amazing benefits that Emme had led me to and I started attending her classes every week.   

Her instruction and guidance has given me the ability to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and how to best improve myself.

To put it in Emme’s term, I found “awareness” for my mind and body and this is one of the many gifts that I’ve received from practicing yoga with her.

My “vision” of yoga has changed so much since that first visit and I’m continuing to learn more with each practice.

So, a couple of years after my accident, I am back on the bike riding better than ever, not as much pain and soreness after a ride.

I credit Emme’s teaching and guidance this turn-around in my life . I can’t begin to explain how Emme and her instruction has changed me.

If you have read and can relate to even parts of my story , I think you would be a candidate for learning Yoga with Emme.

I feel confident that her classes will exceed your expectations!


Teresa, 36

Mom, Tennis player & Marathon runner

Love at first sight

When I met Emme more than 7 years ago, it was in a yoga class at the gym right before she opened her own studio. Immediately I knew I wanted to attend her classes forever. Was it love at first sight? Maybe…

Dhanurasana - Bow Pose

Back then, what attracted me to Emme about her was that she talked. She didn’t just do the poses and expect her class to look at here and mimic what she was doing. She talked and explained and taught. She taught about muscles and where to find them in my own body. She told them how to stretch and where to contract. She asked us relentlessly “do you feel it”, which makes me smile to this day. She told my bones which way to rotate. She taught me to find the blueprint for “my personal perfect pose” and how to work towards it. She taught me how to work with my own body and through those lessons I learned about myself.

My body instantly fell in love with her style of teaching, Iyengar inspired yoga.

It craved the alignment that yoga brought. And over time my craving changed. I learned that yoga is so much more than a workout and that a nice body and a perky butt is only a by product of a great yoga practice.

Before every class with Emme gives an intention for spiritual benefit of that day’s practice. Maybe we do the class with peace in our hearts or maybe we work in quiet gratitude. I learned that what we did in class, I could take home with me and work on it throughout the day or days. In the beginning the focus was on the physical posture, but the longer I practice the more I realize, the physical part is only a vehicle for balancing power with grace and strength with flexibility. Or having an awareness of something without passing judgment on it. And that I take into my daily life.

As much as I enjoy the group classes, our true work is in the private sessions that I have with Emme. For 7 years now our weekly sessions have accompanied my life and supported and enhanced my daily needs.

During my pregnancy our private prenatal sessions helped me enjoy my pregnancy with deep joy. When I have to prepare for a tennis season or a half marathon our sessions will be geared towards my goals and needs for the upcoming events and she will kick my butt to help me get a stronger core. When I injured my wrist or tweaked my back, she will provide therapeutic guidance in form of rehab and modify and adjust my practice until I am healed.

Over the years, I know I will get a good workout, if that’s what is needed. But what Emme has taught me is that I often come for the body and leave with so much more…Nowadays, when I go to my sessions with Emme my craving is balance or to recharge, spiritually or mentally. It’s my time away from life and I appreciate every moment and feel recharged to get back to life. 

When I take a class from someone else during my travels or when I practice at home I lovingly hear Emme’s voice. I feel honored to call her my trusted teacher and friend.


Judy, 53

Dental Office Manager & Yoga Lover

My only regret is that I didn’t know her 20 years ago

I had contemplated attending a yoga class for months before I was strongly convinced by two Doctors and three friends that practicing yoga would be beneficial in numerous ways. 

Emme came highly recommended, and after attending just one of her yoga classes, the reason was evident. 

Her lifelong training, knowledge, passion, and commitment to yoga, anatomical health & wellness, and fitness training is unparalleled.

She has a gift of intuition and a trained and skillful eye for assessing her client’s needs merely by observation of their movements. 

I wanted to build full body strength and also gain relief from minor chronic lower back pain that had slowly developed from detrimental daily habits. 

I needed a break from my daily schedule and a release from the stress that was causing anxiety and tension.  Emme acknowledged these goals, and in addition, instantly identified my minor scoliosis. Her guided training and asana enhancements not only addressed my initial goals, but also helped to improve my spinal condition and dramatically improve my gait.

Emme’s training and instructional yoga teachings have developed into a long-term habit.  I have attended her yoga classes for 4 years and have recently added her private TRX training to my routine.  My only regret is that I didn’t know her 20 years ago.  

She holds the highest standards for herself and her clients, and enthusiastically challenges her clients (with heightened awareness for injury avoidance) to safely push themselves outside of their comfort zone for enhanced growth and strength.

The benefits of her training have many applications off the mat as well.  She empowers her clients to build and recognize their individual resilience, strength, and ability to handle the challenges and unexpected surprises of daily life.   

She has a genuine heart of gold and personally celebrates the accomplishments of her students as if they were her very own achievements.  Her encouragement is awe- inspiring.

Most heartwarming is her continual and primary focus on gratitude

She is a true gift to all who know her.

I am blessed and honored with the fortunate opportunity to have Emme as my Yoga Teacher, Anatomical Health & Exercise Expert, Life Coach, Mentor, and Dear Friend.


Susan, 62

Audiologist (ret.), Yoga Teacher & Friend

Emme - my Teacher - my co-worker -my friend

Emme - my Teacher

My contact with Emme began purely as a yoga teacher offering a new student all she could manage and evolved into a true mentoring relationship that has changed my life. From trying to achieve a most basic yoga posture at her instruction almost seven years ago, to have enough understanding of the ancient tradition that is yoga to understand that I am still in infancy with the full grasp of what it has to offer, she has lead me with expertise and just enough challenge for continuing growth.

Ready to exercise on Fitness Ball

My private sessions with Emme have been the perfect complement to my many group classes. Whether it be a physical focus or a more contemplative, philosophical lesson…

...she has always been aware of just what I needed next in my journey and with skill and understanding provided the best path for me.

With a variety of physical challenges I have experienced over the years, her background and understanding of the body have been a saving grace for me.

The combination of her own personal physical issues, her formal education, and the addition of yoga into the mix has given her a very unique and exceptional perspective of teaching. I feel extremely honored to be in a true yogic learning situation as it has been for thousands of years – being with your guru long term, lessons being presented only when the yogi becomes worthy, and taking the step away to share only when being told you are ready.

Emme - my Co-worker

After being presented with enough information to stimulate curiosity about yoga at a deeper level, I participated in Teacher Training from Emme Yoga, received my certification, and began teaching classes.

Teaching has been a truly humbling experience in that I have found the more you learn about yoga and yourself the more you realize there is so much more to learn. And to teach in the presence of your teacher…. well, talk about big shoes to fill! I feel it is great testament to Emme’s teaching skills to inspire continued growth after the certificate is framed.

We have wonderful enlightening discussions on many topics, whether it be yoga philosophy, teaching methods, or the current politics in the yoga world of certification being given too readily with no regard for the tradition.

Are we honoring the integrity and keeping our yogis safe by allowing someone who has not even taken a yoga class to spend a weekend at a retreat, pay the fee, and go into the world misrepresenting? I am proud to be taught by Emme and to be worthy of teaching with her – and as we say, this is not just any studio, it’s The Emme Factor.

Emme - my Co-worker

Of course we value a friend by how we are treated by them. I am more impressed by someone who treats everyone by the same set of standards. 

As we take deeper steps into learning what yoga has to offer, we see the practice of postures is just the beginning.

My friend Emme has adopted the lifestyle of yoga in its most true form.

Unfortunately many who claim to teach yoga are doing such a disservice by only leading a class in movement. The guidelines and lessons offered by an in depth study of yoga gives us a way to find peace with our body, mind, and spirit. By living these lessons, Emme has committed fully to this lifestyle. This shows in every interaction, every challenge she faces, every test of commitment.


Jordan, 19

College Golfer & aspiring PGA Golfer

written by his Mom Tina


We met Emme, recommended by one of our accomplished senior Pro Golfers in our club at a time where my son Jordan was dealing with some back pain related to his intense practice and tournament schedule more than a year ago. He said:

Jordan shows how to swing a golf club

If you want your son to get to the next level, you need to work with people who know what they are doing.

We contacted Emme and my son started meeting with her weekly to initially address his back pain. Quickly we understood why she came so highly recommended. She not only trained my son with an intensity that was very welcomed and the sincerity that is needed to further my son’s athletic ambitions, but she taught him many things beyond the initial need for a stronger core and more flexibility along the way. His back pain dissolved through a finely tuned custom program of core strengthening and stretches, which Jordan practiced at home. He learned the importance of flexibility training for injury prevention in his sport and also that stretches are not his only option of improving flexibility. He learned how to use his foam roller properly and other relaxation techniques were introduced as important parts for recovery.

And he reported that he was getting in better shape for enduring long tournaments as well as his last year of High School. We feel that many of those qualities and skills will be of tremendous use throughout his career on and off the Golf course.

Beside the physical part, I know she spend time with him talking about the mental demands and how to focus better and tune out distractions. Breathing techniques were offered and practiced to enhance his concentration. The mental part of the Golf game is as important for winning as the physical part. Although teenagers often do not share much of that part of their life with their parents, I think it is important that those skills are addressed somewhere in an athletes’ environment. We loved that she could support Jordan with mental training and confidence boosting as well as nutrition and lifestyle advice if he’d chose to become a professional athlete

My husband and I feel that the lessons with Emme helped our son greatly during his last year to prepare for his next step in life, going to College and pursuing his dream.

He had a very successful year and we are proud of him. Emme was part of the team. Throughout the whole time, I enjoyed the close communication I personally had with her and the way she truly cared for the health and success of our son.


Amy, 50

Business Owner & Mom


…is the only word that I think sums up my time spent with Emme over the years. I met her at her first Studio in Jonesboro many years ago. My body was saying to me to working out in a gym environment was not the best for me for many different reasons and I had been hearing that YOGA was the new best thing.

"Upward Dog" with chair

Yoga in itself is certainly life changing but the relationship with Emme was the key.

She is so very trained in the physical and movement aspects of the body, yet still has such a holistic approach to exercise – body, mind and spirit always connected – that my tie with her is always “healing”.

I originally came to Emme because of a hip problem that has plagued me for years. She knew immediately the stretches and exercises that I need to improve the symptoms I was having.

As I continued practicing with her my body began to change in ways that I has not expected. Daily tasks became easier and began to enjoy things that I had stopped doing due to pain and lack of strength.

Many years have passed since that first session and I have followed Emme everywhere. Our sessions are not just Yoga anymore but a combination of different things that are best for “what my body needs for now”. There is no better trainer than Emme. 

She is so much more than a Yoga Teacher but rather a coach skilled in many areas that fit each client's needs.

If there is a question she doesn’t know the answer to, she researches until she finds it. Her knowledge of the human body and how we move is remarkable and she always looks for ways to help me to be the best I can be. When my busy life takes me away at times and I am absent for a season, she always welcomes me back with no judgment but rather word of “lets get started”. Emme has become family to me and I cherish each and every time I am in her studio with her.