Personal Training for Golfers

For anyone who has ever played Golf, it is very quickly evident, that being in peak physical and mental condition, is a must. No matter if you play Golf just for the fun of it, or you compete as a professional Golfer or even an amateur. Training with the mindset of getting yourself in the best possible position to succeed, brings joy and inspiration to your game.

A large number of my private clients are Golfers. 

Over the past eight years my program has been developed, modified and enhanced to serve Golf specific needs.

I am especially proud of my dear client Charlie Busbee, 82 year old senior PGA amateur Golfer.

Charlie knew that to become the best, he needed to consistently improve his swing. But he realized that in order to get there, it required four main elements:

  • technical skills
  • a body in peak physical condition (strong, flexible, balanced and injury free)
  • mental strength and focus
  • discipline

Charlie hired me for three of those four elements. As a result today, he is one of the best Super Senior Golfers in the world.
And if you ever had the chance to see him play, you would notice that he has the body, movements and attitude of a 40 year old, who will never get tired to look for ways to improve his Golf game.

In a Sport, where there are numerous factors the athletes have no control over (like the weather conditions, the set up of the course, etc.) it is even more important to prepare and train those parts, which are trainable. Wouldn’t it be great if your back and core held up just fine and you feel strong and flexible with every swing you make —and you did not have to schedule regular visits to the chiropractor or reach for the pain meds after every game?

How would it feel if you learned to better focus mentally and detach from mental distractions while in competition? Or how would it impact your game, if you actually learned more about your own physical biomechanics and could keep improving your skills through a one-on-one training program to prevent injuries and gain strength, balance and flexibility?

Schedule a free consultation for an extensive evaluation of your physical and mental status, and a personalized program to bring your game to the next level.

The Emme factor, your unfair advantage…