Coaching for maximum performance of the athlete

Personal Training for Athletic Improvement

Individual athletic coaching sessions help you reach higher: be stronger, fitter and play with a clear mind and confidence.

In these coaching sessions, I serve mostly individuals in the second half of their life, who enjoy spending time training and competing at a higher level of their chosen Sport. They are at a place in their lives where they enjoy focusing on leveling up their chosen Sport or athletic fitness.

Our physical fitness is impacted by each passing decade, therefore we cannot train the same way we did when we were in our 20s or 30s. 

No matter if you play Golf, run marathons, compete in Triathlons or enjoy regular dedicated outdoor activities like biking, kayaking, skiing or surfing, or if you want to simply advance your fitness regimen. 

If you are serious about your Sport or physical activities, you will have to train. Being in best physical and mental condition for all your activities

  • protects you from injuries
  • gives you a clear advantage over your competition
  • and makes being active all the more fun.


A coach can help take you to the next level and give you the necessary feedback in areas to improve — every professional athlete has a coach, and so should you .

I evaluate their status and offer fresh new input to enhance their workouts, as well as mental routines.  Plus, there often is an overlap between the athletic as well as therapeutic needs, as most clients deal with old or new injuries, which hold them back from reaching the next level.  

What you can expect: