What is the difference between yoga exercise and yoga practice?

In today’s Emme Factor Live we take a closer look into the difference between Yoga exercise and Yoga practice.

Why copying yoga postures on your mat will not get you to the benefits that a regular dedicated yoga practice promises. It often can serve as the first step of your yoga journey but without learning to develop an awareness for the mental, the emotional and spiritual aspects, it will simply stay at this first level and not take you further in creating the balance, peace, confidence, clarity, and harmony, which this ancient practice has in store for you.

Welcome to the Emme Factor, my space where the Art of Movement meets Wisdom of the Heart. My name is Emme and I am a yoga teacher of 27 years. I now offer live online yoga teachings and inspirations for the interested Yogini who wants to take their yoga practice to the next level.

My mission this year is to help you learn to look at yoga from a different angle other than exercise on a mat. I want to invite you to join me for my live teachings and come on a journey with me where we will start asking better questions that will help provide the clarity and passion to create a life of joy, contentment, peace, balance, and grace.