The key to hamstring stretches done right

Yoga & Flexibility Part 2

In Yoga flexibility is a central theme, yet so often misunderstood, because of a lack of foundational education of what flexibility is and how to understand it in our own body. Today’s video presents part 2 of a multipart series about the fundamentals of flexibility. I have my wonderful student Kim with me who is helping me demonstrate the difference between active and passive stretching and why we need strength to be more flexible. We also dive deeply into understanding how to stretch our hamstrings effectively and learn the key movements in our position to reach the hamstrings and not cheat with other body parts. This is often not taught in yoga classes and will make a huge difference in the way you understand and approach the hamstring stretch.

PS. Yes, the audio left us in the very last 2 minutes of the live stream for no reason at all… Sorry.